The International Standards for Business Aviation Operations (IS-BAO) is an industry code of best practices developed by IBAC for the international business aviation community. It focuses on the promotion of high operational standards, supported by operational procedures, efficient training and centers on the establishment of a performance based SMS system based on ICAO’s Standards And Recommended Practices on SMS. Many regulating agencies, including EASA and the FAA, have recognized IS-BAO as a validation program to meet ICAO SMS standards. The OTAR, regulating business aviation in the British Oversee Territories as well as Isle of Man and the isle of Guernsey, have made the implementation of an SMS system mandatory and recommend IS-BAO as their benchmark standard. IS-BAO recognition is subject to an auditing process, which requires revalidation every 2 years.

Swiss Aeronautic Solutions is an accredited IS-BAO auditor

  • We can carry out audits for any organization seeking IS-BAO initial approval (Step 1)
  • We can revalidate your company accreditation after a 2 or 3 years period. (Step 2 & Step 3)
  • We can also help your organization to gain approval by developing your organization’s SMS system
  • We can assist you to consolidate the various safety elements that your organization has already implemented to help you to build a sound and appropriate Safety Management System
  • We will also assist you in writing and publishing your own Operation Manuals, a dedicated SMS manual, your company Standard Operating Procedures and any other manual necessary for your IS-BAO accreditation
  • We will assist you in developing an implementing your Emergency Response Plan (ERP)